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Wynn Bullock: The Enchanted Landscape, Photographs 1940-1975

Biographical essay by Raphael Shevelev; poem by Ursula Le Guin; excerpts from Wynn's writings

This 1999 softcover publication by Aperture Foundation is a major retrospective monograph that has long been out-of-print. Highlights include 90 black-and-white high-quality reproductions and a poem Ursula Le Guin wrote about one of Wynn's most beloved, iconic images.

Signed by Wynn's daughter Barbara Bullock-Wilson who served as editorial consultant for this publication

This major retrospective monograph by Aperture was initially released in 1993 as a hardcover edition that included 100 limited edition books, each accompanied by an original Wynn Bullock photograph. A new softcover edition was released in 1999. The softcover books we offer for purchase came directly from Aperture. As new books, signed by Wynn's daughter Barbara Bullock-Wilson who served as the editorial consultant for this publication, they are rare collectible items.

The following is an excerpt from Raphael Shevelev's biographical essay:

"In this volume Bullock reveals to us an enchanted landscape, not of trees, rocks, and ocean, but of a mind and soul upon which was cast the magic spell of his own searching spirit."

In a Camera & Darkroom Magazine review, Dean Brierly wrote:

"The Enchanted Landscape is a book that shows what linked Bullock to his peers as well as what made him different. Besides including many famous images, this Aperture title also reveals an experimental and less familiar side of Bullock's oeuvre. Bullock never indulged in technique for its own sake; creative vision was paramount. The Enchanted Landscape serves as a timely reminder of the heights that vision can lead to."

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