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Ray McSavaney passed away on July 2, 2014.
A portion of the sale from each copy of "Explorations"
will go to the "Friends of Ray" fund to help protect and
preserve Ray's photographic archive.

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Ray McSavaney is known for his sensitively seen and exquisitely crafted black-and-white images of natural and urban landscapes. Explorations: A Photographic Journey contains images made by the photographer over the twenty years and is representative of most of his photographic projects.

McSavaney is attracted to subjects that have an intrinsic beauty, even if their underlying associations or their actual uses are not immediately appealing.
His subjects range from the unspoiled landscape to urban areas that have been used, neglected, and are being forgotten by most people. Seven essays written by McSavaney describe his photographic methods, his personal philosophy, and his stance toward the subjects he chooses to photograph. A foreword by the noted writer and photographer John Nichols gives the reader a remarkable insight into the photographer's methodology and concerns.

Noted writer John Nichols has written a personal and incisive foreword, and Ray's own essays discuss his creative process.

- HARDCOVER - 12-3/8 x 12-3/4"
- 64 Laser Fultone reproductions
- French Fold Dust Jacket
- ISBN: 0963470701
- Publisher: Findlay & Sampson Editions
- Publication Date: 1992

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